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 Sterilmed Cultural Values

We are committed to promoting a culture that respects individuals, supports a work/life balance and celebrates the both company and individual success.​

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Communicate openly

I will communicate openly in every situation. Mutual respect and common goals allow communication across departments, divisions and organizational hierarchy.

  • Share valuable information with others.
  • Be transparent; speak your mind.
  • Assume good intent.
  • Give and accept honest feedback.
  • Address difficult issues at the source.
  • Find the win-win.

Connect intentionally

I will connect with associates, vendors and customers. When each one of us contributes, we become something bigger and better together.

  • Actively engage in creating community.
  • Find your work inspiration and share it.
  • Encourage, initiate and embrace change.
  • Every person and every idea counts.
  • Support and trust your team.
  • Treat everyone with respect, dignity and empathy.

Commit to excellence

I will commit to excellence. Consistently delivering my best work will bring true quality and value to all stakeholders.

  • Customers come first, earn their business with your every action.
  • Learn from both success and failure.
  • Take appropriate risks and play to win.
  • Address problems and develop sustainable solutions.
  • Be even better tomorrow.
  • Be a role model.

Celebrate success

I will recognize and celebrate organizational wins. When we align the power of our individual and collective abilities, we will achieve common goals.

  • Thank others.
  • Create a rewarding workplace.
  • Applaud success at all levels.
  • Value the individual and appreciate contributions.
  • Work every day to earn a place on our championship team.
  • Have fun!