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 Our services

As an FDA-registered medical device manufacturer, we reprocess single-use devices including general surgery and orthopedic devices, electrophysiology catheters, and non-invasive devices like pulse oximeter sensors. We also collaborate with Johnson & Johnson sister companies to provide quality products, both new and reprocessed.

Our Sustain Vascular Compression ProgramTM is the industry’s first hybrid deep vein thrombosis supply program that offers both new and reprocessed high-quality garments from a single source.


Our single-use device reprocessing approach is based on science and technology, from on-site collection through sterilization and packaging. Read More.

Science and safety

Reprocessed single-use devices are as clean and safe as new devices. See the science behind reprocessing. Read More.

Clinical information

When you choose to use reprocessed single-use devices, you and your patients both benefit. Find out why. Read More.


The Sustain Vascular Compression Program™ is the industry's first hybrid DVT supply program offering high-quality new and reprocessed garments from a single source. Read More.