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 The benefits of using reprocessed single-use devices

  • Reprocessing SUDs is an affordable way for hospitals to conserve valuable healthcare resources and reduce medical waste, all without compromising outcomes or patient safety
  • Reprocessed SUDs deliver clinical outcomes and patient benefits equivalent to new devices, but at half the cost of new
  • Hospitals can invest the savings generated by reprocessing SUDs in staffing, new technology and operating costs
  • Those investments help ensure clinicians continue to have access to the resources they need, when they need them, including their preferred products

The difference between hospital-based and third-party reprocessing

Hospital-based reprocessing is limited to reusable devices and includes only cleaning and sterilization. Reprocessing single-use devices is a highly regulated, complex process, and hospitals must turn to third-party reprocessors for this service.

Hospital-based reprocessing includes:

  • Reusable devices only
  • Cleaning and sterilization only

Third-party reprocessing includes:

  • Reusable and single-use devices
  • Cleaning, sterilization and functionality
  • Validated methods in accordance with FDA guidance
  • FDA 510(k) clearance required prior to sale or use (where required)

Are reprocessed single-use devices safe to use?

Yes. Multiple clinical studies have concluded that reprocessed devices are as clean and safe as new devices.