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 Sterilmed Devices

Thousands of​ different devices from hundreds of manufacturers are reprocessable. We know that the more devices that we have FDA clearance for, the higher the savings we can help generate. With thousands of validated devices reprocessed by Sterilmed, nearly every department within your hospital can lower its costs. Below is a general list of the types of devices that we reprocess. Please login or create an account with us to search our full device list to find specific devices.

Multi Department (Non-Invasive)

  • Bed patient monitors
  • Compression sleeves
  • Pulse oximeter probes

GI Lab

  • Cold biopsy forceps
  • Hot biopsy forceps

    EP/Cath Lab

    • EP diagnostic catheters
    • EP cables
    • Ultrasound catheters

     Operating Room - General/GYN

    • Laproscopic instruments
    • Multiclip appliers
    • Scissors tips
    • Trocars
    • Advanced energy instruments

    Operating Room - Orthopedic

    • Burrs
    • Carpal tunnel blades
    • Cartilage knives
    • Chisels
    • Drill bits
    • Rasps
    • Reamers
    • Saw blades
    • External fixation device
    • Arthroscopic shavers
    • RF arthroscopic probes