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 Reduce your procedure costs

Typically, each single use medical device you reprocess and use saves you 50 percent vs. the cost of buying the same single use medical device new. Your total savings will vary depending on the size of your facility and the number of single-use medical devices reprocessed and used.

Replacing new single-use medical devices with reprocessed single-use medical devices in a single case can generate sizeable savings.

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
Single-Use Device Average OEM Price Average Reprocessed Price Average Savings Per Case
Trocar (4) $227.20 $125.12 $102.08
Ultrasound shear $421.65 $159.01 $292.64
Babcock $89.91 $38.77 $51.14
Laparoscopic monopolar scissor  $77.87 $39.85 $38.02
Total $816.63 $362.75 $483.88

Multiply those savings by 10, or the number of cases your facility performs each week, and the numbers really add up.

Savings Example: 10 cases

  • $5,074 saved and 12.76 pounds of waste diverted weekly.
  • $263,863 saved and 664 pounds of waste diverted annually.