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 Achieve hospital economic sustainability

We can help you generate significantly more savings than standard single-use medical device reprocessing programs. To make it happen, we partner with an Advisory Team made up of your staff to implement our Gauge & Go strategy. With five simple steps, this proven approach maximizes the number of single-use medical devices collected, reprocessed and used by each customer. To learn more, locate an account manager near you and start to realize your STERILMED® Solution.

Collect. Supply. Use. Repeat.

Each dynamic element of the reprocessing cycle must be strong to achieve the greatest savings. See how we build them to keep your program running smoothly and effectively. Read More.

Savings, quality and safety

In addition to deliverying the hightest total cost savings in the industry, we helped the FDA establish the requirements for safe, effective reprocessing. Read More.

Education, training and support

In many cases, physicians, clinical leadership and staff are unaware of the facts behind FDA-regulated single-use device reprocessing. To foster the clinical support necessary to achieve your savings goals, we provide ongoing education, training and support.
Read More.

Satisfied customers

Franciscan Health Systems saves nearly $1 million annually and is on track to increase savings by nearly 18 percent this year.
Read More.