Education & Training

Dedicated service goes beyond reprocessing

One person deciding to begin single-use medical device reprocessing does not make a program successful. Your facility contains hundreds of decision makers, and each person involved decides whether to order, to use, collect or discard each and every device. We provide ongoing training, education and support to make reprocessing easy and to help your staff make the right decision.

  • Streamlined approach, minimizing disruption and outside personnel accessing your facility
  • Department-specific collection containers, designed to maximize reprocessing yield
  • Customized reports monitoring collections and identifying missed opportunities
  • Customer Care Professionals dedicated to helping you obtain the devices you need
  • Multiple procurement channels to simplify ordering
  • Metrics, including a Program Review report, allowing you to monitor progress toward your savings goals
  • Product education sheets and technical bulletins available to facilitate use
  • Videos highlighting our rigorous reprocessing protocols

Customer Education

Need additional resources?
We can provide information on a variety of topics to help you introduce, develop and grow your reprocessing program. For more information, contact your Johnson & Johnson Health Care Systems Inc. representative. You can also contact Customer Service 888.541.0078.